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mariel jumpa smiling in front of a fountain -

Mariel Jumpa, the founder of Slow Fashion World, loves ethical, sustainable fashion and conscious living. Find out how she stays balanced as a hardworking businesswoman and join her inspiring community. But first, enjoy reading this interview!

from Peru

Uppsala, Sweden

Founder of Slow Fashion World with experience in community management, international marketing and project management

My passion for building a social business and creating awareness of artisan work and independent designers. Both connecting to their culture, roots and stories. I love to tell peoples’ stories, to encourage them to live the life they deserve and motivate them to shine. This journey started as a hobby for networking and traveling, while discovering amazing spots I ended up discovering amazing people.

I love reading and researching about ethical, sustainable fashion and conscious living. Therefore I created the community, to discuss ideas, projects and showcase the companies that are doing the best they can to treat people and planet with respect and commitment.

During my free time I enjoy listening to latin music, dancing salsa and hip hop. I am also a hobby singer, you can find me singing in a bus stop, or dancing in a park. Being active helps me keep my smile and energy going.

How do you keep a work-life balance?

I love to balance work with learning new things, networking and managing time to have fun with friends. I am the kind of person that will find something positive for every situation, even if it is too bad I will find something good to say about the experience, I cannot help it, I always take out the good side of situations and people. At work, I try to listen to music to energize myself, perform the complex tasks during the morning so I can have a calm afternoon to make follow up emails, connect to people, set up conference calls with my mentors and search for resources to improve my know-how in sustainable fashion and digital marketing. I consider myself a proactive and multitasking person, so it is very important for me to be doing things that really make me passionate and boost my energy everyday.

For me it is very important to work with music, a smile and eating bananas. On the other hand, when I feel lost or frustrated I turn to the digital world and get involved in digital communities. Asking questions is the key and have a clear roadmap of what you want to achieve. Meeting amazing like-minded online entrepreneurs has helped me structure my goals, time and dreams. In addition, I balance my week with 1-2 hours Netflix-pauses to relax and motivate myself with series about self-motivation, women empowerment and documentaries.

Balancing life with work and building a business is exciting but at same time energy consuming. For that I committed to focus in building a business upon a conscious lifestyle. This is the next step from me creating Slow Fashion World, I found myself that having a conscious wardrobe comes in hand with slowing down and connecting more to the present and live moments to the maximum. Now I am being more honest to myself, thinking further when deciding how to consume and how to use my energy. If I know I have a deadline, I plan a week ahead and even then if I start feeling exhausted I have to take a long break.I also started to eat more healthy now and invest in learning more on how to reduce meat consumption and balance it with alternative vegetarian options. It is a slow process but going steady!

Mariel Jumpa in a black and white portrait -

Mariel Jumpa loves ethical, sustainable fashion and conscious living | Image by Leah-Jane Musch

Which tips do you have for stressed digital nomads?

Find out what makes you happy and what triggers your stress. Get to know your ideal customer!

Once you get to know what triggers you to make you happy or stressed, you will understand what to avoid in your life. Do a list of what makes you productive and happy vs what makes you anxious and stressed. For instance, if not getting many freelance gigs are triggering that stress in your life, my proposal is to learn more about your business and direct your resources and know-how on to target a specific niche you will benefit. Do not try to cover all! Not productive at all unless you outsource. Learn and get to know your ideal client,where are they networking, what are their needs, research and take notes. Leave some hours during the day to network online in groups and then commit to yourself for break routines and a moment to take in notes in a notebook and fill in the tips, resources and tools that other digital nomads share to target your ideal customer.

Are you getting stressed or anxious because of lack of income to continue traveling abroad? Welcome to Slow Travel!

First avoid comparing yourself to other digital nomads, spend focusing on building your personal brand instead, choose how to spend your energy to get a good outcome. For this allow me to introduce you to the world of slow traveling. Get yourself a bike, enjoy a nice walk and explore more the local culture, join up community events, wonder to artisan markets, find motivation in workshops of interest, get into a dance class or a painting lesson, be creative! I promise, you will feel amazing because the experience of seeing new things all the time, new cities is incredible but the moment when you truly connect and discover the local scene more and more you will not only take experiences and beautiful pictures but instead longlasting memories, recognize a specific smell, structure and cherish long lasting relationships.

Avoid the “mind blockers”. Network like a pro!

If you want to build a new business from scratch or start offering your online services to a new industry but you lack experience or have what I call “mind blockers” such as “ I don’t have money” , “I don’t have time to build new skills”, well these are simple excuses that blocks your mind and your journey to succeed. Do not allow yourself to believe those statements. Instead, focus on what is available for you.

Do you like to hit the local scene and network live? Get yourself in events that are connected to your field of interest. In my case, I did not know so much about the fashion industry and instead of thinking that I will never be able to build something due to lack of experience in such industry and income to travel I started to connect with fashion experts during my free time. I also travel during my vacations and used at least one day to network with locals in the field, find potential customers, ask questions in what my potential customer is missing.

If you prefer the low key scene, love to stay home and connect with close friends and family, there is a chance for you to succeed as well with the digital world. There is a room of opportunities if you are committed to change your life by enrolling to facebook groups with your specific interests.

Find a Mentor

I strongly encourage all digital nomads to connect and find a mentor. It is so important to have someone believing in you who is already in the scene and gives you the tips, support and empower you to kickstart your journey. Do online research, you will be amazed of the quantity of resources and mentors willing to guide you. This is your time, start your journey, slow but steady, make no excuses and just go for it, tiger!

What do you eat usually for breakfast?

I start with granola and natural sugar-free yoghurt. Then I eat two bananas to boost my energy and drink water, a lot of water. Sometimes I drink coffee with soy milk when I feel I need to boost my energy and have deadlines.

What are your fitness goals for 2017?

Start working out more after my surgery. Be more active rather than dancing workout sessions I do at home, start running and improving my stomach area. I have been avoiding the gym due to budget reasons but now I’m learning about a conscious lifestyle, it is possible to live a fulfilling life, enjoy without thinking about spending money, working out in nature, go to Youtube and find work out sessions. Or just join a free-to-join community class that is happening around the world. Here it goes for a flat stomach and tone muscles for 2017!

How do you stay healthy during travels?

I drink a lot of water, try to start my day with a good breakfast. Usually hotels I choose must have a delicious and varied selection of food and drinks. This is the key for me to keep on going as I enjoy walking and slow travel wherever I go. For lunch, I try to eat a healthy sandwich but sometimes pasta places are good too – like Vapiano, great prices and vegetarian options included. Moreover, I always have water by my side, it keeps me healthy during travels.

Thank you, Mariel Jumpa, for your wonderful interview and insights!

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The beautiful portraits of Mariel Jumpa are captured by Leah-Jane Musch from @unmaterialgirl

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mariel jumpa smiling in front of a fountain -

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