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My Escape From 9 To 5 -

With almost 34 years you automatically look back and reflect on your life. You remember which goals you had with 20, but most likely your life developed in a different way. That’s not a problem as long as you are happy. Am I happy? Yes, again. But it took me a while.

9 to 5 in Germany

In the last years, I was working for TV channels and a press agency among other jobs as a reporter and editor. From sitting eight hours each day I got back pain and dry red eyes. My stomach reacted not always good to the coffee (around 2-3 cups a day of the cheapest coffee). Also, my skin reacted in a negative way – with redness and itching.

“I really didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore!”

To say it short: I really didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore! I went to a physiotherapist because of my hurting back and he opened my eyes. I always thought I’m sporty, but what I did was just not enough.

Happy times in China

I decided to save as much money as possible, took a break, quit my job and went three months to China. My boyfriend and his sister came with me because I worked with them together for their app start-up. Why China? My brother lives and works there since almost 10 years as a design teacher in a university and he was part of the start-up.

My time in Asia transformed my brain literally. I knew I didn’t want to go back to a typical 40-hour week in Germany. I’m just not made for the hamster wheel. However, I still had an apartment in Berlin (which we sublet) and many things to organize there.

My Escape From 9 To 5 -

Me having fun in Hong Kong

In China, we worked hard for the start-up and at the same time, I founded a fitness group with my brother. We motivated students to do workout together with us in the university gym. More and more young people joined us and we started outdoor fitness sessions where everybody could show his workout ideas and inspire others. These months were full of fun and they transformed my attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. It was the time when I started with Yoga and Pilates.

Back in Germany – full of frustration

After three months our visas expired, and my savings were almost gone. We were flying back to Germany and I took a part-time job to have at least some income to cover my basic living costs. In my free time, I created an Instagram account. I just posted healthy meals and pics of nature. Especially my muesli photos got a lot of attention and compliments. I created colorful patterns in the form of circles with fruits, nuts and all kinds of sweet healthy ingredients.

“I was still feeling like a hamster”

After a while, I got frustrated with my part-time job because I was still feeling like a hamster. At the same time, my Instagram profile gained hundreds of followers and I was putting more effort into my muesli posts.

At some point my brother joined me, we were working on Instagram together as “Brother Lui and Sister Lu”. It was pure fun but I came to a point where I was even more frustrated with my life in general. I hated to go to work and wanted to break out. Since years I wanted to live independent abroad with sunshine and “diving” in another culture.

My Escape From 9 To 5 -

Nice view from a café in Shenzhen

Move to Spain starting as a digital nomad

I asked myself: “What comes next?” I finally decided to leave Germany with my last savings. Luckily my boyfriend supported me. We canceled our apartment rental contract and moved to the Canary Islands. Still, in Tenerife, I took another part-time job.

My motivation didn’t last long. After just six weeks I quit. I was tired and bored. And since I was reading a lot about the digital nomad lifestyle, I was sure there is only one solution for me. To give all or nothing! Now I’m sitting here writing this post for Wellness Nomads. Do you see where the blog name comes from?

The birth of Wellness Nomads

I love traveling, I love fitness, health and wellness topics. At the moment I’m living in Spain working remotely as a Virtual Assistant, writing posts for my blog and learning business stuff. It’s the beginning of my digital nomad lifestyle.

I want to inspire you to follow your dreams, but first and foremost your heart. And not only this, I want that your body and mind find their balance. Wellness helps you to find this balance. Health and wellbeing are not just trends – it’s a lifestyle with longevity.

My Escape From 9 To 5 -

Sunset in El Médano

In my next post, I will tell you why wellness is absolutely essential for everybody. And in my future articles, you will read more about my healthy lifestyle, digital nomad topics and adventures. I simply want to share my experiences and that you find peace, health and happiness as well. Welcome at Wellness Nomads – let’s have a good time!

Love, Kathrin

Please introduce yourself in the comment section. Who are you, what are your goals and current struggles?

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My Escape From 9 To 5 -

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6 Comments on “HOW I ESCAPED FROM 9 TO 5”

  1. Hi Kathrin! I joined the #5DayVA challenge and talked with you on Facebook. I really like your blog! I was fortunate when I was an undergraduate student to use that platform to travel the world. I traveled throughout Europe and Asia. I have not stopped traveling since graduating. I have gone all over the US and Canada. I really am, in my soul, a traveler. I’m like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind, going wherever it takes me. I really am hoping that I can find good work as a digital nomad and follow the wind!

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      thank you a lot for your compliment, I’m giving my best to create a blog that brings some value and is inspiring. Your story sounds amazing! I’m sure you have VA skills that will help you to sustain that exciting lifestyle. When we’re open to new cultures and people, we will learn a lot by traveling. I don’t want to miss the nomad feeling either! I have no fix apartment at the moment and the feeling of independence makes me addicted 😉 I wish you all the best for your journey! Love and take care, Kathrin

  2. Hi Kathrin I really like how you explain your frustration that led you to listen to your intuition and do what makes you happy. I’m on a similar journey and am looking forward to reading your blog posts. @5daychallenge. Ciara

    1. Hi Ciara,
      thank you for your kind feedback! I love when people can connect with my story and feel motivated to change their life for the better as well. I appreciate your support and hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts here. All the best, Kathrin.

    1. Hi John,
      thanks a lot for reading my story. I’m always happy when someone feels inspired and eventually takes action as well.
      Enjoy your life! Kathrin

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