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Many digital nomads and entrepreneurs want to do yoga but often enough they’re too busy to join a yoga class. Fortunately, skype yoga gets more and more popular. Here is what you need to know about.

My yoga problems

I’m a digital nomad – read more in my post How I Escaped 9 to 5 – and super busy building my blog business. At the same time, I want to keep a healthy work-life balance. Yoga is my favorite way to stay healthy and relaxed during my work week.

Can you believe that I never joined live yoga classes in a studio so far? Yep, I’m not living in the city at the moment and I barely find time to join a yoga class in the evening. Consequently, I was doing yoga with the help of YouTube channels like Yoga with Adriene.

Yet, I was pretty unhappy that I never got a feedback from a teacher if my yoga poses are alright.

Yoga with Bow

Life can be cool, I tell you. Due to a coincidence, I was bumping into a yoga teacher on Facebook. Marjolaine Savoie – you can also find her by the name Yoga with Bow. She is a Vinyasa Power Flow teacher from French-Canada, based in Berlin and gives private yoga lessons and coaching on skype.

Since Marjolaine appears very sympathetic, professional and trustworthy – I got quickly in touch with her and scheduled my very first skype yoga class! I booked a class to strengthen my muscles and get new inspiration for exercises. I got what I asked for and much more.

Due to my positive experience, I want to share my new knowledge with you. Let’s assume you’re tired of doing yoga alone at home. But you’re unsure if skype yoga is the right choice for you. Let me answer you the following questions:

Marjolaine Savoie doing yoga in a park -

Here you see Marjolaine Savoie doing yoga in a park in Berlin │ Image by Alex Depew

6 Things you need to know about skype yoga

How do I find a good skype yoga teacher?

Since skype yoga happens online, you will find the right instructor online as well. To look in Google is one possibility. Facebook is another good option. Many yoga teachers will have reviews on their Facebook pages which help you to find a good one. Another option is to ask friends and look in Facebook groups related to yoga, health, and wellness.

What if I’m an absolute yoga beginner?

No problem! Marjolaine Savoie, for example, works with anyone, from very advanced students to absolute beginners. She teaches Vinyasa Power Flow classes of different intensities. I’m not a beginner anymore but I clearly needed some help with yoga poses. I was amazed how well she was able to observe my body movements through the camera – so I was able to improve quickly my posture.

Which equipment do I need?

Don’t worry about fancy equipment. All you need is a nice and comfortable underground, a mat would be the best, though a carpet is enough. Put on comfortable, flexible clothes and grab a towel. Before you start the class, get hydrated and eat a little snack – like a banana or some nuts – to have enough energy.

Bring your laptop camera in a position which gives the yoga teacher the possibility to see your whole body. Connect in skype and go!

What happens when the internet connection drops out?

As a digital nomad and traveler, you know too well that WiFi isn’t always very reliable. If the internet connection keeps dropping, you could try Zoom as a great alternative to Skype. There is a free version as well and much more stability in my experience. If even Zoom doesn’t work out, simply reschedule your skype yoga class.

In my case, we had some Skype issues, switched to Zoom and had a great time without any trouble.

What happens when I hurt myself?

A professional yoga teacher will always send you some documents before you start the class – independent from your yoga level. You need to describe your yoga experience/level and confirm with your signature that you exercise on your own risk. And, you need to tell beforehand if you have any health issues, so the teacher can adapt the class.

How much does skype yoga cost?

Good news: A private yoga skype class is usually cheaper than a private session in a studio! Marjolaine Savoie offers even student fees and package deals – check her prices out here.


After my first online yoga session, I was very exhausted, sweaty and happy! I was surprised how much fun it makes and that I was able to improve so quickly.

These are the advantages of a private skype yoga class:

  • You can use a break and get back to work quickly afterwards
  • Enjoy the privacy in your own home or hotel room
  • You will get individual exercises based on your needs and experience
  • A professional teacher guides you carefully through the exercises
  • All you need is a laptop or tablet with a camera and a WiFi connection
  • The yoga teacher is able to observe your movements and improve your poses quickly
  • Skype yoga is usually a bit cheaper than a yoga class in a studio

I’m very happy that I gave skype yoga a try. It was a very easy-going and enjoyable experience.

Are you curious to find out more? Check out the website of Marjolaine Savoie, Yoga With Bow, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Did you ever try yoga on skype? Or do you have a question about the topic? Please leave a comment below.

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Stay balanced, Kathrin

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Woman doing skype yoga at home -

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  1. Yoga with Adriene! I love yoga with Adriene 😊 I met her in Berlin last year when she was on her Europe tour- it was an extraordinary experience.


    1. Hey Magdalena,
      thank you for reading the article! You met Adriene? Oh, wow! I wasn’t aware that she is touring. That’s so cool. I can believe she is a fascinating person when doing a live program. Maybe I see her one day too!? All the best – enjoy your yoga sessions and feel inspired, Kathrin

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