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When facing struggles, having a challenge or crisis, never give up! You can use it to your own advantage! Read my best tips and find out what the Wellness Nomads community has to say. How can you transform your life with the help of struggles?

My Challenges in China

Let me start with my own and newest struggles. I’m not for the first time in China. But this time I get challenged more than before while working online. I’m here for three months and I only published one blog post since I arrived in the beginning of September. Usually, I published one to two articles per week!

However, I’m really happy being in China right now. As a digital nomad, you face internet problems – that’s part of the game, right, but what if your business suffers?

I committed being in Guangzhou for three months because my brother is living and working here. I also cannot spend too much money right now on flights – so escaping isn’t really possible. That’s why I had two choices. Either I sit frustrated on the sofa or I take action in other ways!

Skateboarding changed my life

So why not just spend more time offline? As you may know already, I started skateboarding! After only three days practice I felt a big positive impact on my life.


New Chinese projects

I also started working with my brother who speaks Mandarin. Together we inspire young Chinese people to practice English, to be less shy and to follow their dreams. With the help of Chinese social media, we gained many followers within a short time.

Watch this YouTube video in which I’m talking more about my challenges in China:

Before we talk in detail about struggles and challenges and how to deal with them, I wanted to let you know that I have a gift for you! It’s an ANTI STRESS GUIDE (PDF) which helps you to slow down and reduce stress with my best 15 tips. Get your freebie here.

Struggles and 5 tips how to deal with them

So, here we go. Let’s talk about struggles and how to use them to your advantage!

1. Make friends with your struggles

When you hear the term “struggle” or “challenge” – what comes to your mind? Is it a negative or positive thought?

Most of the people seem to have negative associations. But they make their life harder than it needs to be. Why not embrace the idea of having a struggle and seeing it as a chance to grow? Simply make friends with your “problems”.

By the way, in one of my former jobs, I learnt that “there are no problems, there are only solutions”. Doesn’t it sound great?

Our lives are full of conflicts, struggles, and challenges, right? Don’t get paralyzed, too frustrated or scared. First of all, relax and calm down. Then: take action!

Another point about struggles: They help to keep you grounded.

2. Learn from leaders

When you leave your comfort zone, you automatically grow. But you need to be open for change and action. Be also open to feedback and criticism. See it as a chance to improve.

When you face a challenge and find your way out of it – you can be proud of yourself and you will gain new confidence. This helps you when facing other and new struggles in the future.

Leaders aren’t scared of leaving their comfort zone. They actually love being challenged. Learn from them!

3. Use the power of stress

Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, it depends on the kind of stress and period of time. However, very often we make stress worse with our attitude. Instead of fighting against it and driving yourself crazy, feeling helpless and overwhelmed, ask yourself:

“Is there anything I can learn in this situation?” or “What practical steps can I take to reduce the source of the stress?”

Some people get drunk, procrastinate or imagine worst case scenarios. My tip: Find friends or family members who can support you and see your stress as an opportunity to grow. Stay positive!

4. Focus on the process

When facing a challenge, we most likely want a quick solution. But often there is a lot of work and effort required. Don’t just focus on the goal, better focus on the process. Practice, trial, and failure are part of challenges.

When learning to skateboard like I do, you need patience, willpower, and discipline. Before you can learn tricks, you need to learn to push the board, speed up and keep balance. That’s hard enough in the beginning. But once you got those skills, you go on with pride and confidence. Falling and getting up is just part of the process.

When you want to grow and overcome a challenge, it can be quite uncomfortable. Just remember in those moments: Great things never come from comfort zones.

5. Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect to reach your goals or realizing dreams. You need passion and the will to take risks. Behave as if you’re powerful and strong. We all start small. All we need is a “growth mindset”. The power of belief is incredible.

People who have a “fixed mindset”, that means they’re are not flexible or open-minded, think we are who we are and that we cannot change much. Don’t they give up too early and miss many opportunities?

On the other side, people who have a “growth mindset”, believe we can change, grow and become a better and stronger person – always.

Do YOU believe in YOURSELF?


Use all struggles in life to become a better and stronger person.

Tips from the Wellness Nomads Community

And now let’s see what some peeps of the Wellness Nomads community have to say! I asked them “How do you deal with struggles?”

Kathi Groll – Radio Host at “MDR Sputnik”

How do I deal with struggles? If we see successful people, we forget that success is mostly hard work. I‘ve gone through some hard times as a radio host. When I started working for my new radio station MDR SPUTNIK, they didn’t like my voice and the way I spoke. So I had the choice between quitting the job or keep on struggling.

I was very upset but after some sleepless nights, I made a plan: I looked for help (which was in my case professional speech training) and kept on working on my skills after my normal shifts. I had three months full of work but it was worth it, because I got better and finally I got my own show! So the secret is: keep on doing what you love and never give up.

Check out Kathi’s newest radio show!

Pia Becker – Travel Blogger at “Dream and Wanderland”

One lesson I’ve learned in life is that if you really want anything there is always a way to achieve it. In most cases, it depends on yourself. Hard work, discipline and believe that it’s possible, then almost everything is possible. And even if there are people who say anything else, don’t listen to them. If you want to, you can do it! You just need to find a way…

That is why I’m able to travel and see all these wonderful things. I always wanted to travel and what stopped me in the past were people who didn’t travel with me for several reasons. One day I asked myself: “What am I waiting for?” Everything I need is me, a bit money and a little bit of courage. And I started to save the money for my dream trip and then I’ve done it. The best decision in my life so far. Ever since I am traveling as much as possible and usually, I find a way to do it. Maybe not all at once but one at a time!

Get inspired and motivated by Pia’s stories on her travel blog Dream and Wanderland!

Sara Heinen – Founder of “Happy Planties

Since I quit my well paid job in a leading position in 2014 and since then worked in a surf camp cooking for 50 people in a tent, worked as a freelancer in design and started bulding my own business with Happy Planties – I faced and am facing so many different struggles. But I learned that most of them are related to myself and my beliefs. Because we never see our reality for what it really is, but only our own interpretation of it.

Many times you might not be able to change the situation you’re in (e.g. your flight is canceled) but you can always change your perception of the situation. The biggest gamechanger in challenging situations for me was, always asking myself “For which reason wanted my soul to make this experience?” – because every challenge only appears to let us grow. Look at it that way and you’re never facing struggles again, only oppurtunities for growth.

Get more inspiration and smart tips on Sara’s healthy lifestyle blog Happy Planties!


Hopefully, you feel highly inspired and motivated now! Here is a quick overview of the best tips how to deal with struggles:

  1. Make friends with your struggles
  2. Learn from leaders
  3. Use the power of stress
  4. Focus on the process
  5. Believe in yourself

I want to finish here with an inspiring quote by Sean Connery:

“There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in man.”

My biggest struggle and at the same time success in the last years was to transform my life from working 9 to 5 in Germany to being a Digital Nomad traveling the world.

Get inspired by my story HOW I ESCAPED FROM 9 TO 5

Stay curious, Kathrin

How do you deal with struggles? Leave a comment below!

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  1. You are so brave to go to the other end of the world and live from your online job. It’s great that you decided to share your challenges with us and to encourage us.

    1. Hi Jelena! Thank you a lot for the compliment! I hope you feel now a bit braver as well? I honestly have not many fears left, but the ones I have, I plan to overcome step by step. It’s a relieving feeling. Try it 😉 All the best and thanks for reading, Kathrin

  2. I wish I was as brave as you…
    I really want to live across the world ( either japan, Korea or Hong Kong) but I’m just too scared of the culture shock.
    Not just that, but just not being able to fit in/make friends and feeling alone so far away from home….

    Have you ever struggled with these issues?
    *loved the post, by the way 🙂

    1. Hi Maria, I understand your worries. But you can just start with smaller trips to Asia and see how it feels. Maybe take a friend or if you travel solo, just go there for two weeks. I’m in China living with my brother and I was here already four other times. Sure, the first time was very impressing, everything was new to me. But it helped me to dive into the culture and understand it. Don’t worry, just try with mini steps! All the best, Kathrin

  3. Great tips! Your drive and passion for life inspire me! I want to be able to deal with struggles more like you do, and see them as a positive, rather than so negative.

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much! Definitely, positivity helps me always to not give up or get frustrated too long. Lifetime is valuable. Let’s not waste it with negativity or pessimism. Hopefully, you feel a lot motivated now and see an improvement in your mindset soon. Hugs from China, Kathrin

  4. The concept of digital nomad is inspiring to me. It speaks of the power of choice. Then instead of burying yourself in self pity you find ways of dealing with the ensuing challenges. I like your survival tips of learning from inspirational leaders and believing in yourself.

    1. Hey Ingrid! Thank you for reading my article! Believe me, I had a few years with self-pity but it felt horrible to not take action and change my life. Actually, I can’t imagine any more of not changing something which feels simply not good. I hope you believe in yourself and have a life of your dreams. All the best, Kathrin

  5. I LOVE this article – and the relatable advice to channel EVERYTHING through a funnel of positivity. It is a life line and a recipe for great success – b/c its how really about how many times you fall – it’s all about how you get up, and preserve, finding yourself (and your soul) in the process. Blessings & appreciation, Evelyn | <3

    1. Hi Evelyn, you’re so right with “it’s all about how you get up, and preserve, finding yourself (and your soul) in the process”! Each challenge is there for reason, I believe. Taking a challenge and overcoming it, makes all of us stronger, no doubt. So why not seeing it through positivity, right? Happy you like my blog post!

  6. I love the idea of embracing your struggles and finding a way to grow from them. Maybe not a lot of time online, but it sounds like you’re still enjoying your time in China. Have fun skateboarding!

    1. Hi Cheryl, I definitely make the best of my time here in China. Thank you for reading! When facing online struggles, I just stop and go outdoors instead of waiting and wasting my time – haha. All the best, Kathrin.

  7. These are some really good tips and I love how you chose to see the positive and make the best out of your situation. If alot more people thought like this, they would be much happier.

    1. Hi Mercedes, I would love if more people feel inspired and start seeing the positive side of each thing. It makes life so much easier! Have a good time, Kathrin

  8. I have to say I really liked the idea of creating a blog on this important topic.. Being friends with your struggles is the best way to live a life.

  9. I loved reading your post. Very good points and causing me to really ponder what I am doing in my life right now, and how I can turn the challenges around into something positive. Enjoy your time there with your brother, you are making a difference in the lives of the people you meet and encourage.

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for reading and for the huge compliment! We’re indeed having a great time, including challenges 😉 But we grow and grow and will not give up. It’s so encouraging for me and us to hear that we inspire people. That was the goal. So happy right now… 🙂

  10. What a truly inspirational post & so relevant for me right now, as someone who gets discouraged really quickly! Will be pinning this 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m happy to hear that, Hebah! Thanks you a lot for pinning! That’s truly kind. All the best, Kathrin

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