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Wendy May, Transformation Coach and Women’s Retreat Facilitator,  is organizing an amazing transformation retreat in Spain for women. Find out more about what she does and get a special discount for the retreat!

She has redesigned her work and life to follow her real passion and purpose. Wendy’s unique retreat experiences are for women who want to make a big change as well. Don’t miss this interview! Get inspired!

Wendy May

United States

Angsbacka/Sweden, soon Andalusia/Spain

Transformation Coach, Women’s Retreat Facilitator, and Biodegradable Glitter Business Owner

Wendy is a transformation coach and women’s retreat facilitator. A Harvard grad with an MBA and former management consultant, she has redesigned her work and life according to a new definition of success. Her unique retreat experiences are designed for women who want more wholeness, purpose and ease to help them reconnect with themselves and make big changes with the support of a sisterhood. Wendy loves coaching people who are expanding their experience of freedom and fulfillment.

Wendy May invites you to her unique retreat in Spain – please scroll down to find all the details:

How did you become a digital nomad?

Before I became a digital nomad, I spent many years in the corporate world. I worked in a 9 to 5 (or 9 to 9) office environment when I was a leadership development professional and I was practically living in hotels, airports and conference rooms when I was a traveling organizational strategy consultant. It took many years of me living an unhealthy lifestyle (not sleeping well, not exercising enough, feeling stressed almost daily, and eating poorly) to realize I needed to make a change.

Eventually, realizing how unhappy I had become, I worked up the courage to quit my job in 2015. It was not a sudden leap of faith as is often described. It was a gradual process that required a lot of work: both inner work and outer work. I had to change my own perceptions of success and overcome fears of uncertainty. I also had to face and accept the judgments of other people regarding my life choices… rejecting the general notion that happiness depends on having security and stability. On a practical level, I radically cut back on my living expenses for over a year. I sacrificed many instances of eating out and buying new clothes and saved money in my “Freedom Fund” so that I could feel comfortable enough to make a big change.

How do you keep a work-life balance?

Now that I am my own boss as a digital nomad, work and life are not opposing forces that need to be balanced. I am my work and my work is my life and my life is my work… now it all blurs together. My work is integrated into my life and it is a huge part of what makes me, me. This is a good thing. My work doesn’t overtake my life – instead, it inhabits my life because it is aligned with what I care most about contributing. In a way, I feel like I am always working. In another way, I feel like I am never working. The problems and questions that often occupy my mind are also those that are the deepest interest and passions of my heart. I think about it more as paying attention to energy management.

The balance happens in taking into consideration the needs and impulses and direction that I get from all intelligence centers: my head, my heart, and my body. If my body feels tired, I don’t override that information with my mind by pushing myself to work for 10 hours straight. Instead, I listen. I also work with my monthly cycle as a woman and plan to do different types of activities (idea generation, incubation, writing, collaborating, producing, marketing, reviewing) at different times of the month that is most aligned.

How do you get inspired as a freelancer/business owner?

As a Type 2 on the Enneagram, I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from personal connections and relationships. For me, an important part of staying grounded when I am on the move is making sure that I keep in regular contact with a number of close friends. I have recurring voice chats scheduled every two weeks with a handful of people who know me well. Several of them are also women entrepreneurs or business owners. These are people who I can draw support from when I feel unmotivated or discouraged, and who I can celebrate with when I have small wins. We help each other out along the way, both emotionally and practically. By sharing openly about our own personal struggles, we inspire and support each other to keep going.

wendy may interview - wellnessnomads.com

Wendy May helps women to reconnect with themselves | Image by Susan Russell Vinnakota

How is your beauty routine looking like?

I keep my beauty routine pretty simple and don’t like to carry a lot of face and body products with me when I travel. Those items simply don’t pass the weight/space versus function ratio test in my evaluation of what goes in the bag and what gets left behind. I never check my bag unless I am forced to by the airline, so I cannot have a lot of liquids in my luggage! I use pure jojoba oil to clean my face in the morning and at night, and I have a chemical-free sunscreen by Rubber Ducky, which I try to remember to apply daily.

In addition to regular toothpaste for brushing my teeth, I have a tongue scraper. I also have a dry brush for my body to help exfoliation, circulation, and stimulation of the lymph system. I very rarely use makeup. I do have an eyebrow and lip liner pencil in my bag, for the occasional eyebrow definition and a splash of color.

How do you deal with a jetlag?

Recently, I discovered the wonders of fasting on long haul flights. I stop eating about 16 hours before breakfast time in my destination time zone. I refrain from consuming anything apart from water while in flight and during any layovers. This supposedly confuses your Circadian rhythms (instead of anchoring them in the time zone that you just departed from) And then I restart my body clock by eating breakfast at a normal time when I arrive.

There are some other benefits to fasting on flights, and this strategy has been so effective for me that I even wrote an article about it for Huffington Post. There are other small things. I have a J-pillow, which I think is the most comfortable travel pillow ever. And I try to drink as much water as possible because a lot of sluggishness that we feel is probably just due to the pressured air causing rapid dehydration.

What was your best adventure ever?

I have many memorable adventures across 50+ countries and 20+ years of traveling (yes I am that old!) One that stands out is a five-day jungle trek that I did in 2015 to see the largest cave in the world: Son Doong Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang national park in Vietnam. This cave is so wide that you could park two 747 jets inside of it, side by side, wingtip to wingtip. It is about 10 kilometers long from end to end. It took two days trekking through the remote jungle and dozens of stream crossings to get to it.

At the mouth of the cave, you have to rappel about 80 feet down (into the darkness) to enter. There are no easy exits, and there are no services or facilities. You are sleeping in a tent, with bats and birds, drinking purified water and pooping in makeshift compost toilets. It definitely wasn’t easy, and it was expensive even back then! But it was worth all the effort and expense… by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Life Reboot in Spain – exclusively for women

WOMEN WARRIORS. Are you feeling burnt out? Frustrated? Stuck? Confused?

If you are hungry for more freedom, more fulfillment, and more flow in your life, this space is designed for you.

Wendy May is a transformational coach and retreat facilitator who will be hosting a special one-week women’s retreat in Andalucía, Spain. August 13-20.

This is a sacred space for transformation that includes yoga, meditation, reflection, guided group process, along with plenty of time and space to simply be with yourself and experience the support and reflections of other women who are on a similar journey.

Reconnect with yourself and reimagine what’s possible.

13. until 20. August 2017

Molino del Rey – Costa del Sol, Andalucía, Spain
In an award-winning yoga and wellness retreat center


As a Wellness Nomads reader, you’re getting a 10 percent discount when you book the life reboot retreat in Molino del Rey from the 13. until the 20. August 2017 on kaistara.com – you will save 198 Euros.

You only need to choose “Wellness Nomads” in the drop-down menu when it comes to the referral:

Not sure what to expect exactly? Here’s what past female participants have to say about their experience:

Visit kaistara.com for all the retreat details.

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Note: This post contains referral links, which means that if you make a purchase using the Wellness Nomads discount, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Using affiliate links helps me support the blog and create more content for you. Thank you!


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wendy may interview - wellnessnomads.com

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